Automotive Transponder Key Programming Tool  
T-Code, AD-100 & CodeSeeker

TESORO Group has been designed for anyone involved in Vehicle Immobilizer Systems, Transponder keys, Key Cutting and programming. We are offering a flexible and portable, hand held tester, designed and developed by Advanced Diagnostics.

The system is connected via the vehicles diagnostic port using an OBD2 cable and offers a simple and easy to use system. The system for security reasons has a number of levels of security protection, which can be used to disable the unit in the event of theft or misuse.

The Future is ……The PRO
As of 2008, we have stopped on T-Code Classic, AD-100 Classic and Code-Seeker development.  
July, 2010, there will be NO more Software and Version updates for the T-Code, AD-100 & Code-Seeker Classic Machines.  Effectively this means that when the customer downloads Standard or Beta Version, they will get the same version of software on their tester. This software will be described as "Final Version" and will be effective as of Monday 12th July 2010.

Keys reasons why no more development on T-Code, AD-100 & Code-Seeker Classic:

1. Since 2007, the Car makers around the world is using much advanced OBD system and ECU only PRO platform able to communicate ECU
2. New FlexRay, CANBus software can only run on PRO platform
3. PRO variants have higher security
Exchange Program

Upgrade has been available since introduction of the ALL-NEW PRO Platform.  Are you ready to Exchange your T-code, AD-100 and CodeSeeker to PRO?


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