Automotive Transponder Key Programming Tool  
You absolutely have to try the AD-100PRO (PRO) as it revolutionizes the Automotive Transponder Key Programming.  Quite simply, the PRO is designed for the professional automotive aftermarket work force to the independent garage repair shop and transponder key blank programming specialist.  

Enhancing the highly successful T-Code, AD100, and Code-Seeker the PRO extends the boundaries through its ease of use and interactivity of the PRO large LCD touch screen.  Also, the versatile keypad allows for easy navigation, system check and key programming.  All this allows for a unique aftermarket OBDII programming experience.

Why do I need AD-100 PRO?

It’s gives users the opportunity to work on vehicles equipped with Transponder System (Immobilizer) similar to work done by a dealership’s scanning tool.  Other advantages include:

  • PRO offers legendary T-Code, AD-100 and Code-Seeker software for American, European, Japanese and Korean OBDI and OBDII equipped vehicles.
  • New vehicle interface “Single Wire CAN” has been added along with all the standard interfaces, including the CCD and VPW protocols.
  • Enhanced security and increased memory capacity, the PRO positions itself as the leading transponder key programming tool in the world.
  • Ability for the user to customize the PRO software package.
  • It is fully backward compatible for all T-Code, AD-100, Code-Seeker software.

Meet Your PRO

Cool Design & System
The compact handheld and large screen makes PRO an easy handle design for the job in the vehicles.

PRO System
All systems include the following:

  • 1. OBDII cable
  • 2. Power cable PRO
  • 3. USB interface Download Cable
  • 4. Manual – CD
  • 5. Transponder Key Application Chart
  • 6. Pin-Code Calculator & 2 Smart cards
  • 7. 6.5” Large Touch-Screen
  • 8. Color coded Programming Dongle
  • 9. Dongle Organizing bag
  • 10. Carry Case

PRO has been designed with simplicity in mind and the variety of adaptors required for T-Code (AD-100) have been integrated with simple color coded Dongles that configures the tester, thus reducing the quantity of cables required.


Forum and Club

As a owner of PRO, you will be allow to join the worldwide forum and meet all of the T-code,
AD-100, MVP and PRO users around the world.

PRO Package Deal

Asia starter Package (AS1)
Package Included:

  • ADS-100 Ford
  • ADS-114 Ford PATS4 CAN
  • ADS-123 Ford Advance & GTO (HEC, REMOTE)
  • ADS-110 Honda / Acura
  • ADS-112 Nissan/ Infiniti
  • ADS-131 Nissan CAN Bus
  • ADS-113 Chrysler/Jeep
  • ADS-125 Toyota/ Lexus

Japanese Power package (JA2)
Package Included:

  • ADS-110 Honda
  • ADS-117 Mitsubishi
  • ADS-112 Nissan / Infinti
  • ADS-131 Nissan CAN Bus
  • ADS-127 Subaru
  • ADS-109 Suzuki
  • ADS-125 Toyota/ Lexus
  • ADS-150 Toyota CAN Proximity


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