EEprom Programming

When there is no OBD programmer to communicate with vehicle ECU, the EEprom (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) programming from the dump file of an EEprom chip would be the only solution of making a new transponder key.
AD900PRO has PC software and EEprom files that help the professionals to program transponder chips to erase and re-program a virtually unlimited number of times.  The CodeX Lite is ideal for when all the keys have been lost. It will read the information from the EEprom chip found in the vehicles ECU. It then creates a dump file that can be transferred to a transponder clone kit. You can then produce a transponder and cut a key ready to start the vehicle.  

P/N AD201
Codex Lite EEprom Programming Kit
MSRP US$ 1,250.00/Set

CodeX Lite is a professional programming device for memory and microcontrollers.   Unique feature of automotive EEprom is the replacement of the very popular Omega EEprom and Orange 5 Programming Kit.

This programmer and PC software enables users to read the EEprom file from the vehicle ECU or immobiliser system and save it to the PC program.  The AD900Pro EEprom software then uses this file and will read the security PINcode and prepare a transponder ready to start the vehicle.

The Codex Lite kit comes with a comprehensive range of eeprom adapters to fit all styles of eeproms used in Automotive applications. In addition, the kit comes with many adapters that will enable eeproms to be read in-circuit, therefore reducing the need to desolder from the boards.

The Codex Lite system connects to your PC via USB, with the software able to be loaded to multiple computers.

Code X Lite Kit Includes:

•TMS 370 Adapter
•Motorola HC912—9S12 Adapter
• Programmer
•EEPROM 93CXX, 24CXX, 25XXX, M35080
•Motorola MC68HC11P2+MC68HC11PH8-PLCC84
•Motorola MC68HC08AS-PLCC52
•Motorola MC68HC11KA2/4+MC68HC11KS-PLCC68
•Motorola MC68HC(9)08-QFP64
•Motorola MC68HC11F1-PLCC68
•Motorola MC68HC05H12-PLCC52
•Motorola MC68HC11K-PLCC84
•Motorola MC68HC11A8/E1/E9/E20+MC68HC11EA9-PLCC52
•Motorola MC68HC11KA2/4+MC68HC11PA8-QFP64
•Motorola MC68HC11K-QFP80
•Programmer to hook, or solder cable. In circuit reading.
•Motorola MC68HC11A8/E1/E9/E20-QFP64
•Motorola MC68HC05B4/B6/B8/B16/B32 + MC68HC705B16/B32-PLCC52
•Motorola MC68HC(7)05E6-SOIC28
•Motorola MC68HC05B4/B6/B8/B16/B32 + MC68HC(7)05X16/X32-QFP64
•Motorola MC68HC(9)12B32-MC68HC(9)12D60(A)-QFP80
•Motorola MC68HC11F1-QFP80
•Motorola MC68HC11L6-PLCC68
•8 Pin SOIC Clip & Cable

This product must be used in conjunction with AD900PRO.

P/N AD202
CodeX Decrypt Upgrade
MSRP US$ 1,398.00/Set

Need more immorizer files and key data? 
Upgrade your CodeX Lite to a full Decrypt Software Package.

• 5000+ Eeprom files
• Virginising BSI & BCM
• Virginising ECU & Immobilsers
• Immobiliser Bypass
• Air Bag Crash Data Removal
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