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 T-Code Asia ® sells the best Automotive Immobilizer Programming equipments, Lock parts, Transponder Key Blank, Immobilizer accessories, Software, Token and information.  T-Code Asia ® is a Brand and Division of Basic Industrials ™, USA.


Manufacture, Distributor & Dealer

Basic Industrial Inc. is a subsidiary of TESORO Group ™., which has been in business since 1968.  We have been manufacturing quality for over 30-years.

We got what you need ~!!!
T-Code Asia ® Is the Professional workman’s Choice

We know that the Automotive technology platforms are changing year by years.  We are doing our very best on assisting the professionals across the globe to work and repair the vehicle.

That’s why T-Code Asia ® takes pride in delivering “Maxed-Out” hardware configurations, hard-to-find niche software and unique accessories into the hands of the world’s Automotive Engineer, Locksmiths and Repair professionals.

Here are some of the many BASIC Industrials™ business services you can count on:

Dedicated Automotive OEM & Service Business Account Executives

Resell and Repair of Equipments
OEM & Aftermarket Product Manufacturing
Immobilizer relate Product education
Imaging and replication
Leasing services
T-Code Asia ® Quick Facts

T-Code Division established: 2005
T-Code Asia is a Division of BASIC Industrials Inc. (USA)

Chief Operating Officer
Director of Sale & Marketing
VP of Sales & Marketing
VP of Business Strategy
VP of Product & Technical
VP of Product & Technical

Johnny C. Sun M.B.A
Yoshito Kuroki (黒木)
Richard Deleon
Scott Sun
Dick Brandon
Yoshihisa Baba (馬場)

Office Location:                       Redmond, Washington U.S.A.
                                    Narita, Chiba Japan
                                Osaka, Japan

Manufacturing Location:      Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
                          Bath, Pennsylvania U.S.A

Tech Center:                           Osaka, Japan
                                                    Taiwan R.O.C.


Contact Us
By Phone
Sales Office

Japan                 (日本語 - 電話でのお問い合わせ)
                             受付時間:  9:00~20:00 (年中無休)
                             成田 (Narita Sales Office):        06-6387-1120
                             大阪 (Osaka Warehouse):        06-6387-0827

USA                    Hours: 9:00~17:00, M~F (Pacific, USA Time)
                             Redmond, USA Office:              206-799-0991

Taiwan, ROC    (中文 - 顧客商談中心專線)
                             網路上找不到您要的支援嗎? 直接連絡我們
                             營業時間: 8:30 ~ 17:30
                             臺北 (Taipei):           02-2876-2731~3 (Ext. 111)
                             Technical Support
                             Hours: 8:30 ~ 17:00  (Pacific Asia Time)
                             +886-2-2876-2731~3 (Ext. 110)

By Fax

Japan              (FAXでのお問い合わせ)
                          06-6387-0338                (+81-6-6387-0338)
                          ※   FAXでご相談いただきました内容について電話で回答させていただく場合がござ
                          ※   「お客様氏名」「電話番号」「FAX番号」「商品名」「品番」「ご相談内
                                  容」を明記の上 、送信をお願いします。

USA                 (Reach us by FAX)
                          425-558-1205          (+1-425-558-1205)

Taiwan           (傳送 FAX給支援部門)
                          02-2872-3287          (+886-2-2872-3287)
                           ※  請具體描述您的問題。您所提供的詳細資料讓我們可以立即提供您解決問題
                          ※  您希望回覆寄到傳真號碼或電子郵件地址?
By E-mail       (メールでのお問い合わせ)

If you prefer, please send us an e-mail. We will attempt to respond to you in 24 hours of receiving your message.

T-Code Asia Sales:
                                               (代理店募集に関するお問い合わせ )

T-Code Asia Tech Support (T-Factory™):



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